Becoming a Change Agent Starts by Improving Your Quantum Literacy

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New white paper from data security expert, Roger A. Grimes

The power of quantum computers creates an unprecedented threat to the security of our data with its potential to break the encryption on which most enterprises, digital infrastructures, and economies rely.

The World Economic Forum warns, "there is a major gap in both awareness of and information about the potential applications, risks and security solutions associated with quantum technology. For leaders charged with ensuring the security and integrity of the systems on which businesses rely, there is still hyperbole in the quantum security debate. The community can change this by building quantum literacy at the board and CEO level."

The white paper by data security expert and Cryptography Apocalypse book author Roger A. Grimes, "Improving Your Quantum Literacy: A Preparation Guide for the Post-Quantum World," will arm you with the information needed to serve as a steward of change within your organization – conveying to leadership the severity and immediacy of the quantum security threat. Faced with competing priorities, they may otherwise fail to understand why this issue deserves immediate attention and investment.

Take the fear, anxiety, and complexity out of post-quantum security planning, download the white paper now.