CIO's Guide for Implementing Quantum-Safe Key Delivery

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Positioning Your Business for a Quantum-Secure Future

Protecting data in today's hyperconnected world continues to be a challenge for IT leaders with data traveling across platforms from the data center to public cloud and to edge environments. All the while, CIOs have the tremendous responsibility to ensure that their systems work seamlessly, scale on-demand, and hold up against increasing regulatory demands and intensifying security pressures from known and yet-to-be-discovered threats.

As the Information Age gives way to the fast-approaching Quantum Age of computing – and with it the largest global cryptographic transition in the history of computing – companies need to stay ahead of the threat by developing and implementing a well-articulated, quantum-risk management plan.

Quantum Xchange has revamped its most popular thought-leadership asset, "CIO’s Guide to Implementing Quantum-Safe Key Delivery." This guide serves to inform CIOs on how best to keep their data protected, business resilient, and network infrastructure quantum-ready from both present-day vulnerabilities and the looming quantum threat.

Download the guide to learn about:

  • Why public key encryption is inherently flawed and at risk of becoming obsolete
  • What is the quantum threat, when do I start preparing, and how to begin
  • What options are available to secure your existing encryption methods