Achieving Crypto-Agility and Quantum Readiness with Phio TX

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How Phio TX Delivers Unparalleled Security Today and Quantum-Safe Protection from the Threats of Tomorrow

The era of quantum computing and its corresponding security threat is fast approaching and could arrive much sooner than anticipated. A quantum computer will have the potential to break the encryption on which most enterprises, digital infrastructures, and economies rely.

Governments, enterprises, and organizations are planning now to address the arrival of quantum computers. As the industry awaits the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) Project to standardize new key establishment and digital signature algorithms, replacing public key infrastructure (PKI) ciphers with those resistant to quantum attack, "harvest today, decrypt tomorrow" attacks are possible now – putting valuable long-duration data at risk.

Educate yourself on what this means for your organization in the white paper, "Achieving Crypto Agility and Quantum Readiness with Phio TX," which details key topics including:

  • The pending TLS "meltdown" or "cryptographic break" in the quantum era
  • Strengthening encrypted data transfer with out-of-band symmetric key delivery
  • Extending your existing crypto infrastructure into the quantum era with a simple architecture overlay
  • Overcoming previous distance and delivery limitations of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)
  • Avoiding brute-force, side-channel and harvesting attacks by future-proofing the security of your data and communications networks

Discover how Phio TX by Quantum Xchange can be deployed to execute a quantum-threat response that does not disrupt existing systems, dramatically improves your cybersecurity posture, stays within budget, and can easily scale as new risks associated with advances in computing and mathematics emerge.